Song Writing Workshop

Every Tues and Thurs in July (starting July 7 through July 30)

10:00 - 12:00 CST

Ages 13 through Adult


Immerse yourself in the art of songwriting. Hone your craft in song forms, melodies, the interaction and use of rhythm and harmony, lyric writing, and the latest technological advances. You will receive expert support and feedback on your original material from veteran songwriters and industry professionals. Workshops throughout the camp include:

  • Music Composition for Songs: Topics and techniques include groove writing, melody writing, and interesting and useful harmonic progressions.

  • Lyric Writing: Topics include prosody (setting words to music and vice versa), brainstorming techniques, and writing from titles.

  • Creating Your Own Demo and Recordings: Producing quality demos and ways to market them. 

  • Business of Songwriting: You’ll get to speak to people in the industry about how to market your music and what it takes to make it in the business.

Camp will be structured so that you will receive a writing prompt and then by the next class you will come back and share your song, so you will be on pace to write 1 song per week.


A basic understanding of either piano or guitar is a requirement for this camp.


Instructor: Ellie van Amerongen

Workshop Guests: Craig Bohmler, Lorena Phillips, Rob Rokicki, Will Reynolds, Eric Price

Song Writing Workshop

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  • There are no refunds if camp is within 7 days of starting. You may transfer to another camp if there is availability.