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Audition Requirements

Auditions for our Spring Student Production are on January 20th sign up here!

Auditions are a chance for you to show off what you do best! At general season auditions for students, we ask for you to prepare one audition cut. That means part of a song that you know well and can sing. It is best to choose a song that fits in the style of the musical you are auditioning for. Your cut should be no more than 1 minute in length. We suggest that you bring sheet music in the appropriate key to your audition so that our accompanist can play with you, or a karaoke track prepared that you can sing with. 

Please bring your resume and headshot if you have one, however this is not necessary if you are a student, everyone will fill out a form when you get here!

Students who are under 10 years old you are welcome to choose to sing a capella (without backing music) or with a karaoke track if that is more comfortable.  

For our general auditions you will be asked to sing your cut and participate in a "cold read" unless otherwise specified. This means you will be given a script in the audition to read from and will be directed in the room. 

We want to see you do your best be confident and have fun! 

Sometimes we will have call backs for specific shows closer to the actual rehearsal process. These call backs will be different depending on the show and you will receive an email with detailed information on what to be prepared for at the call back if you are invited to attend. 

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