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Tuition Requirements for Student Productions

Our Student Productions require a financial commitment to participate. Production Fees are $395 for all student productions, and students participating in Elite productions. 


STUDENT PRODUCTIONS: All students who audition will be cast in student productions. For student productions a $100 deposit is due at the time of auditions, this is non refundable, the balance is due at the time of the first rehearsal. This fee covers costumes, and class participation. 


ELITE PRODUCTIONS: These productions include students, professionals, and community members. Not all students who audition for Elite Productions will be cast. For Elite productions, students aged 18 and under will be responsible for a tuition fee of $395 due by the first rehearsal.  

Click on the button below to access our store and pay for you deposit for fall auditions! Scroll all the way to the bottom "other" category to find the deposit. 

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