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Weekly Classes 2023/2024

Classes run August 28 - May 16

  • Classes will take place at our new space! 225 W Worth Street. This building is at the corner of Worth and Church St. Our entrance is on the "back" side of the building. On one side of the building you will see a parking lot and a large awning that says "The Vine" on it. Our parking lot and entrance is on the opposite side of the building 

  • Classes must have 3 students to "make". (Classes that don't make will receive a full refund)

  • Refunds and Cancellations - Students wishing to discontinue a class must give a 30 day written notice. There are no refunds, credits, or extensions for classes not taken, however, absences may be made up in appropriate classes at the same or lower level within six weeks of the missed class.

  • Our class schedule follows the GCISD calendar for holidays and closures.

  • Your place in class will NOT be confirmed until you have paid the registration fee and 1st month tuition. 

  • Masterclass and Production Classes are special classes that are not included in these tuition rates. Masterclass is by audition only.

  • ALL accounts will be required to have a credit/debit card on file. The card will be charged for tuition on the first of each month.  No other form of payment will be accepted for monthly tuition.  Any additional charges such as recital fees, costume fees, private lessons, apparel, etc., will have the option to be paid with cash, check, or credit card.

  • Monthly tuition is based on an average of four classes per month. No charge is made when the fifth lesson occurs; however, the studio reserves the right to use these extra classes to offset classes not held due to holidays. The monthly fee remains the same each month regardless of the number of classes in that month.

Class Policies

Tuition: Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. Tuition that is not received by the 7th of the month will be subject to a $25 late fee.

Absences: If a student misses more than three performance classes in a semester, the student’s eligibility to participate in the final performance is at the instructor’s discretion. In extreme cases the instructor may choose to drop the student from the class. Students who are dropped from class due to excessive absences may be offered a partial refund in extenuating circumstances such as moving away from the area. Refund decisions will be made by the Ohlook Executive Board on a case-by-case basis.

Disciplinary Action: In the rare case that a student’s behavior becomes disruptive enough that in impedes the progress of the class as a whole, the teacher may elect to limit the student’s participation or even remove him/her from the class. If a student is removed after the third week of the semester, no refund will be granted. 

Inclement Weather: We will not have class if GCISD is closed due to inclement weather. No refunds or make-up classes will be scheduled if classes are cancelled for weather related issues.


Payment: For students (high school and younger) $100 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of audition. If the deposit is not paid by the last day of auditions, the performer will not be cast in the show. After casting has come out there are absolutely no refunds.
Tuition balances are due by the first day of scheduled show rehearsal.  After the first rehearsal, tuition will be considered late and subject to a $25 late fee.  If full tuition has not been received by the third rehearsal (unless other arrangements have been made), the performer will be replaced in the production.

Scheduling Conflicts: Conflicts for practices and shows must be provided by the performer at the time of audition.  We will do our best to accommodate known conflicts, but if there are too many conflicts, the performer may want to look at their schedule and decide whether or not the show is a commitment they can make.  After the schedule is made, conflicts that arise must be approved because changes made to accommodate a performer after the schedule is set, affects the director, cast members, performing musicians, volunteers, and parents. 
Behavior: Ohlook is not responsible for children left unattended before or after practice.
Performers are expected to arrive on time and be ready to rehearse.  Chronic lateness or missed practices may lead to the performer losing their part.   Rehearsals are for learning and practicing and performers should refrain from unnecessary distractions and pay attention.  Rehearsals are closed – please no friends at rehearsal.
Performers are expected to be polite and respectful to all involved.  Ohlook reserves the right to ask anyone to leave if they are not acting in the best interest of the theatre, the students, teachers or staff.
Property:  Costumes, props, concession items, etc., are all the property of Ohlook.  Performers are not to remove costumes or props from the premises or help themselves to concession items.  When concession items are being sold, students must pay for the items.  Tabs or “IOUs” are not accepted.

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